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H&R Block Omni-channel DCO
ad experience with creative strategy

Clinch | Ideation, design and consultation | June, 2024


H&R Block, an existing client, reached out with concerns on their audience targeting strategy. Their current campaigns were only running nearest location strategy which prompted the user to make an appointment and they wanted to add even more personalization to bridge the gap on contextual audience targeting. So I suggested the following with these accompanying creatives.

Targeting Strategy

The creative is designed with dynamic creative optimization in mind. Meaning the hyper-personalized pieces of the creative will automatically change on a user-by-user basis. The challenge is to target their chosen audience in the right location, while driving them to book an appointment online or in person. The below strategy is based on localization, designated marketing area, age range and retargeting based on recent searches.

These creative solutions are omni-channel, meaning the same strategy is applied to creative that is specifically formatted to run across mobile, CTV, desktop and social with CTA's changing to fit each platform.

Audience 1: Small business owners

Dynamic targeting strategy:

Audience: lifestyle imagery changes based on audience age (GenZ, 40+).

Location: Map image, address and mile changes based on users location to an H&R block office.

Daypart Scheduling: Depending on the time of year, creative can countdown to tax day.

CTA: Also changes based on platform. CTA features a QR code to scan for appointments

Platform: Online video

Platform: CTV

Platform: HTML Display 728x90, 300x250 & 300x600

HTML creative features a fallback option, in the case where dynamic data cannot be retrieved for a user. They are still served a brand awareness creative with a CTA that fulfills the client KPI.

Same principles are applied to the social on-line video creatives. Speciality formatted for Metaplatforms

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