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Ikea Coupon to Wallet Interactive Ad

Innovid | Ideation, UI design and Prototyping | March - April, 2020


Our team partnered with Turner Warner Media and Ikea to deliver an interactive social media ad that drove customers from social platforms like Facebook, and Instragram, directly to the brand site by offering them a series of coupon codes. The user can either save the coupon directly to their IOS or Android wallet for later use, or go directly to the brand's page to use the coupon immediately. This user flow met the customer's KPI of driving online sales. 

The User Flow

1/5 Social ad

Advertisement that is presented on Facebook or Instagram promoting the brand. User can select Shop Now to launch coupon experience.  

2/5 Coupons page 

User can swipe left/right to browse the different coupon offers. Top half of page is left free to promote any creative the brand requests.

3/5 Coupons page

The coupon code is stated below each item and offer. User can choose to shop this item now, or save the coupon for later.

4/5 iOS Wallet 

If user chooses "Save for later",  the coupon will be automatically added to their devices digital wallet. 

5/5 Brand's Site

User's can also choose to immediately go to brand's site to shop. When choosing this, their offer code will automatically be added to their shopping cart.

A Different experience for each OS.

Following Google's Material Design, and Apple's Human Interface Guideline's, I designed a different experience for each.

Depending on the users device, the user will either see the Apple iOS buttons to add to their Apple Wallet, or the Google Android buttons to add to their Google Pay. If neither, they will see a button to shop directly on the brand's site.

They will have the option to copy the code to their clipboard, and it will automatically be added to their cart at checkout.



After extensive design and QA, the wireframe and design was rolled out to our partners. This included popular Brand's like Gap and Ikea. The impact extended to the core of several CPG businesses. The templated wireframe makes for a quick and seamless execution from asset gathering, to launch. 

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