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Kellog's & Innovid Partnership Sizzle Reel

Innovid | Ideation, design and execution | Dec, 2019

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.08.41


Innovid partnered with Kellogg's to deliver the first ever live interactive Connected T.V. ad during the 2018 Super Bowl XXVI. This reel highlights the success this ad campaign brought both to Innovid and Starcom. 

Some successes include:

  • Dynamic creative featuring over 16,000 versions

  • 317,999 different flavor stacks to choose from

  • Live Shoppable QR code

  • Dynamic remote graphic dependent on the users device

  • 6.5% engagement (4x higher than the Innovid benchmark)

The Application

This video was created for Starcom's office space. It played on repeat in their lobby and elevator areas to inform guests of their success with this interactive campaign. 

Final Video

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