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digital self portrait

Digital Illustration

This digital image puts a twist on the traditional self portrait. Through extensive self examination I created a digital image that I believe represents me better than any image of my actual self. Using an illustration of orchids, a staple southern flower, I demonstrate the outer southern charm and compassion that is easy to be seen and appreciated by strangers. Only when you go past the surface beauty, and through my flaws can you find and appreciate the true compassion.


The purpose of this project was to create a twist on the digital self portrait. Born and raised in the south myself, I have naturally learned the what it means, and how, to be a respectable woman. As much as I love and appreciate my southern upbringing, I've also come to question it. Why should we keep ourselves posh for the eye, but not for the touch? Why are we expected to stay young and naive and please others, in hopes of one day having all our needs willingly attended? Why are we not encouraged to attend and provide for ourselves? Or ever given credit when we do provide? 

This system works day in and day out. Seemingly, we are given everything we need. But as so beautifully quoted by Margret Mitchel in Gone with the Wind: "It was this feminine conspiracy which made Southern society so pleasant."

This is not the respect or independence young girls should be taught to obtain and strive for their whole lives. So many women, fall into unhealthy relationships and lifestyles because their perception of love, respect and appreciation is buried behind this conspiracy of southern femininity.



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