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Nike Interactive Omni-channel Ad Campaign

Innovid | Ideation, design and execution | April, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 9.06.32 PM.png


Nike reached out to our team expressing their interest in omni-channel interactive ads. (Mobile, desktop,  social, display, and CTV). I took lead in creating a full array of rich media creative that can run cross platform. Using existing creative from their website, specifically their Sneakers Under $100. Using this branding, I created a dynamic, cross platform interactive experience that can target user audiences based on several different factors such as gender, most recent searches, and device.

The User Flow

A commercial plays from the users TV. About two seconds in, a branded overlay appears prompting the user to interact and explore more of the branded content. If selected, the user is directed to a full branded, shoppable screen where they can browse products and even scan the available QR code to shop directly on their mobile device. The user can press back to exit at any time to resume back to the commercial break.

Targeting Strategy

The creative is designed with dynamic targeting in mind. Based on the users gender and recent searches, they will experience different creatives. Either the Men's Renew Run, Women's Renew Run, Men's Under $100 or Women's Under $100.

Dynamic Display

The second platform of the omni-channel experience included desktop/mobile display. 
The display creative was dynamically served based on sex, users recent searched and device. Weather the user was on a mobile or desktop determined what call-to-action they were offered. Mobile users were offered to "download the app" while desktop user were driven to "Shop"

men mobile.png

Triggers: Male, recently searched affordable athletic wear, on mobile device.

women desktop.png

Triggers: Female, recently searched affordable casual wear, on desktop device.

Animated Display Creative


The 360° Gallery component lets you use a set of multiple images to show an object rotating. By default, the last image wraps to the first, which lets the user rotate the object seamlessly in either direction.

In the example below, 4 source images were used:

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 4.23.02 PM.png
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