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Let's Bring Your Dream Photoshoot to life.

Photography Services Pricing

try to be as transparent as possible with my pricing and I am always happy to discuss pricing schemes and be flexible if needed. Please reach out and ask for more details about rates and don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions!

Pet Family portraits Phillips-062.jpg
Pet Family portraits Phillips-062.jpg

Portrait Sessions

Are you looking to capture your unique personality and style in a stunning set of photos? With my portrait sessions, I will guide you through the entire process leaving you with a collection of beautiful, high-quality images that you can treasure forever. Leading up to our session, I'll schedule a call so we can discuss your vision and vibes. Leading up to the shoot, I will share ideas for location, outfit, props etc to bring your style to life.  During our session I'll guide you through various poses and expressions to capture your best features. Whether you're looking for classic and timeless portraits or contemporary and creative shots, I'm here to help you achieve your vision.

Starting at $90

Lifestyle / Brand Session

There is something truly remarkable about brand photography. It’s the power to tell a story and capture memories that last a lifetime. Lifestyle photography in particular, has a certain allure that cannot be replicated by any other genre of photography. It’s the art of capturing the essence of a person in a single moment, preserving their beauty and personality for years to come. Let's discuss your brand and vision and bring it to life.

Starting at $300

Windy Grassland Portraits orange dress-05.jpg

Event Coverage

There's something magical about photography that makes people feel happy and nostalgic. Whenever we look at photographs, we're transported back to a moment or a memory that we hold dear. And when it comes to your special event or occasion, the emotions are even stronger. That's why hiring a professional photographer for your event or wedding is crucial and I would love to be the one to capture that memory. 

Starting at $500

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