USAA Lead Generation mobile experience.

User Flow Experience


USAA wanted to create an interactive mobile ad experience to lead users from an Instagram/Facebook ad to sign up for a free insurance quote. The brand's goal and KPI's: number of lead generation. 

Role & Duration

Design and execution

January 2020

Fig 1. Welcome page

User is prompted with the call to action to participate in receiving a free insurance quote.  

Fig 2. GDPR compliance

Entry fields specified by the client appear for the user to enter along with the required GDPR compliance opt-in check boxes.  

Fig 3. Active state

Active state of entry fields when the user selects.

Fig 4. Required Fields 

Error state of the required entry fields. 

Fig 5. Error Popup

Error pop-up if users information fails to submit. 

Fig 6. Completion

Thank you and exit page once user successfully submits information.