We Are Optym

Brainstorming, Project Management, Camera Operation, Color Correction

Why are Optym's employees smiling all the time? It could have something to do with their company culture.


I was tasked with making a video that showed off a different side of Optym, with a focus on the culture and all of the different roles that exist within the company.  With a fun, people-centric script, my team started the process of creating imagery that both captured what Optym does as a company and also reflects the fun, family-like culture. We discussed what kind of visual effects and easter eggs we could incorporate. See which ones you can find!




My process began with creating storyboards and an animatic. This allowed me to see which shots we needed and which shots we already had thanks to our tireless B-roll recording efforts.


After that, I worked with our employees (no paid actors here!) to shoot all of the remaining footage we needed, along with many voiceovers to make the video authentic.

Working with my coworkers on this video resulted in some funny moments as I coached them on their lines. These are compiled in a bloopers video below.