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Florida-bred Designer and Photographer. Here when you need a creative who is passionate about getting sh*t done.

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Kelsey Wilkerson
Design & Photography

     I 'm the daughter of a small-town crafty man and resilient, savvy woman who grew up with more animals than people. I'm a brand photographer and designer currently living in Gainesville, FL but constantly jet-setting all throughout Florida and NYC. My photography and design take me everywhere.

     My greatest accomplishments come from helping others, and being a constant source of inspiration through the work that I do. Whether it's for your brand, wedding, or dating profile pictures, I love nothing more than to work with others to bring out their authentic self to share with the world.  When I am not creating, I can be found back home on my family’s small farm, or in my kitchen experimenting with new jams and marmalades.​​​​​​​ You can see what is currently in my pantry at my Etsy shop.


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Ellie Woloszyn

"Lavender Haze" Styled Studio Shoot

It was an absolute pleasure shooting with Kelsey. She has a great vibe and creative energy. Highly recommend!

Photography Client


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